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Booking Closed

The books are temporarily closed, below you can find important information about the appointment.

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Appointment Infos:

How to make an appointment with Felipe Kross?

Check the main page to see where Felipe will be and on what dates he'll be available. You can see any updates either on the website or on his Instagram account.

If it's not possible to go to the city where Felipe has open appointments make sure to keep following his social networks to see if he is coming to a town near you soon.

How much does a Felipe Kross tattoo cost?

The cost of the tattoo is determined by several important factors: such as size, its location on the body, the design, the hours, and effort spent by Felipe working on and perfecting your tattoo. In other words, each case is different and needs careful evaluation to get it right!​

Tattooing is very serious art. Think, reflect, and be sure of the design before scheduling an appointment;  Any changes made to the idea design of the tattoo may mean we will have to cancel the current schedule and require a new cost evaluation and schedule.

Some warnings about drawings and themes.

Felipe Kross:

* does not replicate any drawings that he has already made. Each idea is designed exclusively for each client!

* does not copy tattoos from other artists. He will always take any reference images sent as inspiration and reinterpret them in his style and artistic vision.

Does not sell drawings, nor send designs to be made by other tattoo artists.

* does not draw or send sketches before the day of your session, ALL designs and art are created on the day with you so that he can hear your ideas and feedback during the artist process and draw something exclusive for you.

Do I need advance payment to schedule the session?

Yes, an advance payment of 200 Euros is required to guarantee your session on the chosen date. This amount will be taken off the final price of your tattoo at the end of your session.

BUT this amount is not refundable in case of cancellations, delays of more than 30 minutes, or sudden changes to the theme of the tattoo, which may result in the cancellation of the tattoo by Felipe Kross, due to the budget being set specifically for the idea/design that was first sent.

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