Legend has it that Felipe Kross was raised by wolves in the wild hills of São Paulo, Brazil. There, he had to fight for his survival, learning skills such as tearing raw meat with his teeth and also to draw like a Ukiyo-e master.

But perhaps the rumors are somewhat exaggerated.

In fact, what we do know about this mysterious figure is that he has been active in the tattoo world for a decade, a period in which his art has flirted with and incorporated many different styles. After dominating blackwork, Felipe Kross became enchanted with and entangled in the art of manga.

In Brazil, he left his home and own studio behind, searching for his dream of permanently marking the skin of as many people as possible in all four corners of the earth.

He travels the world tattooing, but has settled in the city of Barcelona where he works tirelessly for 16-hour shifts in the hope of marking kilometers of skin with centuries-old Japanese art. Only the brave who let his needles mark their body and soul know his true face.


A side from tattooing, Kross also dreams of having a comic book to call his own, and he dedicates the few spare hours he has to painting and drawing.